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Your Initial Visit

As Part of Your Initial Visit You Can Expect the Following:

  • Comprehensive review of your medical history followed by a thorough physical examination. This allows our doctors and clinicians to determine your overall physical condition and how it relates to your current concerns or healthcare needs.
  • Assessment and development of a diagnosis for your condition. This may include Northeast Doctor of Chiropractic students working under the supervision of our Seneca Falls Health Center expert doctors and clinicians. 
  • Development of a treatment or care plan to begin your journey to wellness. Each aspect of your treatment plan will be discussed with you and will include specific information about the benefits and risks of the proposed treatment. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time during your initial visit. We want to be certain you fully understand your treatment plan before you go home.

An initial treatment in one of our other disciplines may be encouraged during your initial visit, or during subsequent appointments. 

Please bring your insurance card/information and personal identification to your initial appointment.

The initial visit may take up to 60 minutes and includes a complete history and exam.

If You Receive Treatment at Your Initial Visit:

  • Most patients say that treatment makes them feel relaxed and better able to move around. Others experience minor soreness following treatment.
  • Conservative treatment provided by chiropractors is among the safest and most effective treatments for a variety of conditions.

Everything we do during your initial visit is designed to ensure your satisfaction and most importantly, bring you to a healthier stage in life.