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Nutritional Counseling

Our Clinical Nutritionist offers an in depth evaluation of your current eating profile and diet analysis with recommendations to improve health and wellness outcomes through dietary and lifestyle changes. Body composition testing using skinfold calipers is used to help determine your goals and evaluate your progress. Dietary and supplement recommendations aimed at reducing symptomatology of a presenting nutritional condition, maintain health or improve athletic performance.

We offer dietary support for the following symptoms and conditions: Obesity/weight loss, Body composition changes, Hypertension, High cholesterol, Diabetes, Endocrine disorders, Food Allergies/sensitivities, Athletic performance, Muscle/joint pain, and Digestive health .

Meet Our Practitioners and Clinicians - Nutritional Counseling

Darlene Easton 400pxH 2

Darlene Easton, Associate Professor


  • A.A., SUNY Farmingdale
  • B.A., SUNY Stony Brook
  • M.S., New York Chiropractic College
  • BPS, New York College of Health Professions
  • MS, New York College of Health Professions